Plug-in Vehicle Tracker - Hide with a Y-Cable


Use a Y-Cable (available from Btracking, see Accessories page) to hide or conceal an OBDII plug-in tracker. It takes about 10 minutes to install and is easy to do yourself. To install a Y-Cable, follow these instructions, or the detailed guide attached to this article.

  • Locate the OBD port. Most often, it’s located at the base of the dash, left of the steering column. The port is secured in a bracket. Grab the port and squeeze the tabs on each side (you might need a screwdriver to help depress the tabs). Then push it out of the bracket.
  • Plug the Y-cable into the vehicle’s OBD port. The Y-cable has a (male) connector on one side and a (female) replica OBD port on the other.
  • Plug the tracker into the (male) connector on the Y-cable.
  • Push the (female) replica OBD port into the bracket, making sure the tabs click to secure it.
  • Now push the original OBD port with the tracker back into the dash.
  • Secure the long end of the extender to the vehicle’s dedicated OBD-II mount.

To order a Y-Cable, contact Btracking via Chat/Help or email

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