Btracking Dashboard


The Dashboard tab provides a view of key metrics or performance indicators of your fleet/ team at that point in time.  You will find a summary of key alerts, such as idling, speed infractions, time off or one work sites, battery and fuel gauge levels, etc.



To change the settings or key indices on your account simply click on the setting tab for your dashboard view:


Choose which ones you would like to have visible vs invisible.  Note that you will need to have them set as 'active alerts' in your group settings prior to having them visible here.

You can also change the order as they appear on your page by simply dragging and dropping with your mouse on the page in the order that you prefer to see the dashboard items.

Recent Alerts

This section of the dashboard simply showcases the most recent alert events on the account.  It is not a comprehensive report, but simply a snapshot of the most recent activity in the field at the point that you have logged into your account


There is no editing functions available for the recent alerts tab.



This section of the dashboard view is an opportunity for the administrator of the account to set messages that they would like to socialize across all users of the platform.  This could include reminders, general messages, terms of usage, news, etc.  It is up to the Administrative user to control


To edit the Announcements tab, simply click on the following settings button at the top, choose 'Tools & Settings':


Choose 'System Announcement'


A dialogue box will pop-up and you can amend your message right in the window.  Then click 'SAVE'.


When you go back to the Dashboard screen, your message will appear there.



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