Vehicle Maintenance Schedules, Maintenance Records - Maintenance Module


Manage vehicle maintenance schedules and store maintenance records with the maintenance module. Set service interval reminders based on odometer and/or elapsed time, generate reports on vehicles due for service, and keep service records for the entire fleet.  

Create Maintenance Operations for the Fleet

First. create the maintenance operations you want to track such as Oil Change, Tune-up, Tire Rotation, Inspection, and so on.

To add maintenance operations, click the gear icon at top right of the Mapping Platform, then click Tools and Settings:


Click Maintenance Manager:

To add maintenance operations, click the Add New Maintenance button which brings up the Maintenance Item Editor dialog box. Enter a name for the operation, such as "Oil Change", and (if desired) a description, and click 'Save'. Every maintenance operation you add is available to all vehicles in your account. Edit maintenance operations anytime by clicking the pencil icon to the left of the operation to bring up the editor box.



Create Maintenance Schedules for Vehicles

1. From the Dashboard Tab, click on a Group name, then click Vehicle:

Click the pencil icon at to the left of the vehicle for which you will add or update the vehicle maintenance schedule:


Click Vehicle Maintenance Schedule:


The Maintenance Schedule for that vehicle opens. Click the Add Schedule button to add maintenance operations. Operations already assigned to the vehicle will appear, which you can edit by clicking the pencil icon to the left of the operation name.



From the pop-up screen, select the maintenance operation you wish to add, choose the parameters, and click Save.  



 With a maintenance schedule configured for your vehicles, you can create a report to receive automated notifications when vehicles are coming due for maintenance service.

See Creating a Maintenance report


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