Filter Views on Tracking Page


Within the Tracking Tab for 'Live Tracking views', there are a number of filters you can use to narrow down your search.

You can narrow down to a particular unit, type of activity, whether it is inactive, active, out of service, stopped, etc.  For example you can set the parameter to only show you vehicles that are 'actively reported' to the platform within a preset range such as from 0 to 60 seconds, etc.

To see the 'FILTER' options, go to Tracking Tab | Click on Filter as per image below:


Choose Group and settings as required and click 'Save Filters' and Refresh.


Note that you will need to clear these filters as well so that they do not show up each time you are back on the Tracking Tab.  


To clear Filter settings, see image below.  Click on 'Remove Filters' and then Refresh.  Close the Window.


You will be redirected to your original tracking page.


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