LBS Edge (1.0) - Cannot See Phone Location on Platform


If you cannot see your device on the tracking tab of the mapping platform:

  • Ensure the phone is turned on
  • Ensure GPS is enabled (turned on) on the phone's settings
  • Ensure Location (GPS) is allowed in the settings
  • Ensure the Btracking LBS Edge Suite app is running. Though it should always start and run in the background when the phone is turned on, you can click the the LBS Edge Suite app icon to start the app if needed.
  • GPS tracking uses the phone's data plan. Make sure the phone has a data plan with enough available data remaining. The LBS Edge Suite uses approximately 2MB per month, but can use more if the location reporting frequency setting is high.
  • Ensure you have a wireless signal and GPS signal in your location
  • GPS does not work well inside concrete buildings, underground garages, and downtown areas with tall buildings. Take the phone outside with a clear view of the sky.


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