Creating a POI (Point of Interest), or Landmark



To create a POI (Landmark), there are 2 ways:
1) It must be done within a Group or at the Individual/Vehicle level. To create a POI for a Group, click on a Group name. (To create at the Individual/Vehicle level, click the Individual/Vehicle within the group). Under Group Settings click Landmark. At the top right click Add New. Select a point on the map, enter an address or latitude/longitude. Choose the buffer size, whether it's "normal" or a polygon , and name the POI. At the bottom, be sure to click the box “Should this POI generate alerts?” if you wish to get alerts for a POI similar to a geofence.
2) To create a POI landmark from the location of a unit right on the tracking tab (whether in real time, or from history), click on the unit, Then click POI. Enter the POI name and details, and if you wish to create alerts, be sure to check the box at the bottom left next to “Generate Alert”.


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