How Much Does GPS Tracking and GPS Trackers Cost?


The price, warranties and features of our GPS Trackers is highly competitive, but does depend on the Tracking Subscription Plan you choose, the tracker configuration you want, and the volume of your purchase.

For GPS Tracker Prices please see our website under the tab GPS Trackers & Pricing. Most trackers come with 3 month's GPS Tracking included in the price. Trackers have many options beyond the configurations shown, so please let us know if you have specific requirements via the contact form or email with your requirements.

For GPS Tracking prices please see the Tracking Plans tab. Btracking offers No-Contract, Month-by-Month plans and lower-priced 2 Year Contract Plans with only a 5 unit minimum (add or delete units anytime as long as 5 or more are active).

The lifetime cost of our trackers is likely less than many competitors. Why? You may see lower priced trackers elsewhere, but check the monthly tracking price. Then add up the total cost of their Tracker plus Tracking Subscription over any time period and compare it to Btracking. Compare our 2 year Guaranteed to theirs. After two years you might pay 50% more for each tracker compared to Btracking, after three years you might pay paid double for the tracker. Plus, Btracking GPS trackers are built to last. We have trackers in the field that are 10 years old. Others with high customer attrition may sell low-cost trackers with minimal capabilities and high failure rates after a year or two.


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