LBS Edge (1.0) iPhone Tracking App- Allow LBS Edge to Always Send Locations


The iPhone OS by default prevents apps running in the background, such as the LBS Edge Suite, from using location services, in order to improve battery life. Unless the LBS app is allowed to use location services in the background (rather that only when the app is actively used), it will stop reporting positions. This is NOT an issue with the LBS app, it is a feature of the iPhone OS and affects all background apps.

Upon installation, the instructions explain how to allow the LBS app to "always" use location services. If this was not done at installation, or has been changed, it's very simple to correct:

1) Pull down the bar at the top of the screen and tap the Gear Icon (which is the "Settings" icon)

2) Scroll down to "LBS Edge Suite" and tap it

3) Tap "Location"

4) Tap "Always" 

That's it!

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